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Your Private Vendor Rating System

Star Vendors is a Web App organizations use internally to organize and rate their vendors.

Star Vendors allows members of your group to post vendors, star rate them 1 to 5, and comment on them. And it’s all private to your members!


Star Vendors Was Created By a Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Company CEO

“Star Vendors powers our business with real time combined knowledge to pick the best provider for every mission." ”

Michael Bull


Like most organizations, real estate agents knowing who 1s best to use (or not use) for a product or service 1s a huge benefit for employees, agents, clients, and customers. The agents at Bull Realty realized utilizing the real-time combined experience of all their people would be a powerful asset; knowing instantly how vendors have performed and what they do well in real-time would make their agents more valuable than competitors.


Some of them worked at home, and in the field, conversations, CRMs, and sending emails were not working. They searched for solutions, and the few that existed were expensive and cumbersome and lacked the features to work correctly. They wanted the products, areas, services, ratings, and comments to be keyword searchable internally but not accessible via public internet searches. They wanted 24/7 mobile access. They wanted to quickly share vendors with clients but without the ratings and comments.


Star Vendors was born. The firm’s CEO Michael Bull personally crafted the web-based app to be mobile, private, and powerful for the firm’s agents and employees. Their agents and clients love it. Their combined experience and relationships exponentially power their value to clients.

Star Vendors is now available to power your business.

The pricing is $2 per month per user.

The first user starts off as an admin and pays for their organization's members or invites their members to join and pay independently.

Your credit card will autopay for $2 month. There is no contract. Cancel anytime.

More questions? Check our FAQ page.

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Organizations, companies and teams use it internally to organize and rate their product, professional and service vendors.

$2.00 paid each month for each user on your plan. 

Month to month. An organization or any of its members can cancel anytime. 

Yes, your chosen admin can add your logo and pick from various colors to white label it for your company.

On your smartphone, go to your organization’s Star Vendors home page. Click your phones share button which may look like this, [picture of box with arrow pointing up out of box]. Then click “Add to Home Screen”. 

As an admin, go to your admin page and choose “add a category”. If you’re a member without admin credentials please ask your admin to add the proper category to their administrative dashboard. 

No. This is an internal system private to your organization.

No. Your organizations vendors, ratings and comments are only available to your approved members.  Your organizations sections of Star Vendors are not searchable by google or other search engines. 

No unless the member(s) has been granted admin privileges. This is prohibited so members don’t accidentally add similar categories already in the system.  For example, you don’t want multiple category names for vendors in the same service, like lawyer, attorney, law firm, etc. As an admin you have the option of adding keywords to your chosen categories, so members find proper vendors.

Teams, groups, companies, or organizations that can benefit from the power of combining their peoples experience with vendors to pick or recommend the best vendors, products, and services. It’s like a business style Yelp private to your people.

The users, the members of your team or company add them. That’s the beauty of the system. The combination of your peoples experience with vendors, product and services are combined for real time mobile access and ratings to power your vendor choices and referrals.

There is no minimum or maximum.

Both. It is a website, but it also works like an app on your smartphone. However, it is not available in the app stores. It’s licensed via a smartphone, tablet, or computer on this website.

You can search the vendors in the appropriate category or do a keyword search.

We do not recommend charging vendors. However, you can charge vendors if you feel it’s proper. Vendors paying to be in your Star Vendors app might bring in more income to your company than the nominal cost of the system. The vendor(s) would pay your organization directly outside the Star Vendors system. If you charge vendors, be sure you are not violating any disclosure requirements or ethics considerations. 

The admin decides if members can add vendors, rate, and comment with or without admin approval. If set to require approval, the admin will receive notice to approve or deny the post. If set for no admin approval, members can add vendors, ratings, and comments with no delay. 

Not unless the word Lawyer is added to the vendor information as you add their contact information to their profile you will have an option to choose a category for how you want your vendor categorized then there is an option to add “Tags”. Tags are also searchable and the more terms you “tag” to the vendors information the more ways they will be searchable within the system. “Tags” are available for you to add as you enter the vendors information. 

No. The system only sends the vendors company name, contact name, phone number, email address and website.